Meet the BIO·FICTION Science Art Film Festival 2019 Jury!

An amazing team of experts across disciplines came together to select the films for BIO·FICTION 2019. You can get to know our cross-disciplinary jury members below.

Vera Borrmann

Vera Borrmann is working on technology assessment through the ITAS in Karlsruhe and the ITA in Vienna and is currently involved in the FUTUREBODY project. Having a background in Philosophy as much as European Culture and History of Ideas, her work in FUTUREBODY focuses on topics related to identity, theories of the body and body modification in the phenomenological, deconstructional and (post-)structural approach.

Régine Debatty

Régine Debatty is a writer, curator, critic and founder of http://we-make-money-not-art.com/. She writes and lectures internationally about the way artists, hackers, and designers use science and technology as a medium for critical discussion. She also created A.I.L. (Artists in Laboratories), a weekly radio program about the connections between art and science for Resonance104.4fm in London (2012–14), and is the co-author of the “sprint book” New Art/Science Affinities, published by Carnegie Mellon University (2011).

Thomas Pelzelmayer

Thomas Pelzelmayer is a producer, director and editor and owns his own company that produces industrial/image films/commercials. Previously, he worked in the Austrian film industry in various capacities as well as produced commercials in all budget ranges. He also worked as a transport coordinator on “Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation” & “Spectre” in Vienna & Tyrol in 2014/15.


Dwiki Mahendra Putra

Dwiki Mahendra Putra is an independent filmmaker from Indonesia. In 2012, he graduated from IDS (International Design School), majoring in Digital Film Production and have been creating short films and directing stage performances ever since. Notable works include short films “Til Death Do Us Part” (2018) and “Against the Odds” (2017), which won 1st place at LCC/Sabercomp competition.

Romy Rasper

Romy Rasper is currently completing his Master of Science and Technology Studies (STS) at the Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) and a member of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) team for the FUTUREBODY project. He is interested in the merge of body and technology, in particular prosthetics and neurotechnology.

Markus Schmidt

Dr. Markus Schmidt has an interdisciplinary background in biomedical engineering, biology and technology assessment. He is the founder/CEO of Biofaction and organizes the Bio-fiction Festival for the 3rd time. He initiates and executes a number of projects dealing with responsible research and innovation in emerging science and technology areas, bringing together various stakeholders from science, regulation, industry, civil society and art.

Wessel Teunisse

Wessel Teunisse has a Bachelor of Science in Nanobiology and is currently a student in the master program “Nanobiology” and “Science Communication” at Delft University of Technology and Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Teunisse further worked on his interests of ethics and the social impact of science via the IDEA League summer school “Ethics of New Biotechnologies” (Delft University of Technology) and as an intern at Biofaction KG.

Adhityo Wicaksono

Adhityo Wicaksono is an Indonesian botany and plant biotechnology researcher with an interests in multidisciplinary perception of biology. He is the head of biotechnology division of Genbinesia Foundation, Indonesia, and currently focuses on popularizing aspects of biotechnology for art and social education. Having developed passion for art from an early age, he became a macro photographer and assisted his friend in sci-fi film projects. He loves to analyze sci-fi movies and games, from which he develops ideas for speculative biology artworks.