BIO·FICTION set out in 2011 to pioneer a creative, interdisciplinary and visionary event platform to explore synthetic biology from all possible angles. This is also why we chose to call it the BIO·FICTION Science Art Film Festival. We took a step away from traditional formats and perfected a program that would unite traditional panel discussions, Q&A sessions, art performances, film screenings, and interactive workshops – to name a few.

For its second iteration in 2014, we cast our net even bigger and wider: We invited participants (speakers, panelists, artists, workshop instructors etc.) from a wealth of backgrounds, including science and engineering, the social sciences, cultural studies, amateur biology, the military, film making, art and design. We also collaborated with the DIYBio Europe network to support participants coming to Biocommons, an event held after BIO·FICTION. The participants that were able to join the festival set up interactive Do-it-Yourself Biology workshop tables, highlighting DIYBio/biohacking groups and their projects.

Concurrently, we organized an international short film competition and screened it as part of our festival. The participating films introduced documentaries, animations and fiction shorts that explored synthetic biology and its thematics from every imaginable angle. Have a look at the award winning films for 2011 and 2014!

The feedback from our artists, filmmakers, scientists, students, designers, and registered as well as casual guests was outstanding!

For our upcoming edition of the festival, which will take place September 23 & 24, 2019 in Vienna, we’re setting a new focus on neurotechnologies. Much like our prior editions, we’re going to cut across thematic boundaries, across all disciplines. Go check out our rich festival program!

Neurotechnologies will be our focal points of convergences between: neural networks, the body, mind, intelligence, society, machines, brain-computer-interface, techno-evolution, mind/brain upload and much more…


Biofaction is a research and science communication company based in Vienna, Austria, and our core expertise is in science communication, film production, technology assessment and the study of ethical, legal and social issues in emerging sciences and technology (genetic engineering, synthetic biology, converging technology).

Most of our work revolves around linking science with society through a variety of channels and with numerous formats. We place importance on interaction and participation, mutual learning, and bringing together different disciplines, such as science and art. If you’re interested in our projects, have a look around our website!