Where science meets art, design and film.

The BIO·FICTION Science Art Film Festival is one of a kind: It’s a creative and boundary-crossing event with a program filled to the brim with a variety of content exploring emerging sciences – in the present, but also in possible futures.

In the past two editions of the festival in 2011 and 2014, our main focus lay on synthetic biology.

The next edition of the festival will take place in September 2019, and we’re highlighting neurotechnologies, as focal points of convergences between neural networks, the body, mind, intelligence, society, machines, brain-computer-interface, techno-evolution, mind/brain upload and much more…

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We sent the festival on tour around the world.

After the first BIO·FICTION festival in Vienna, Austria, we sent film selections to 4 more cities: Adelaide, Karlsruhe, Hong Kong and Mannheim.

But after the second BIO·FICTION concluded, something even more amazing has happened! From 2014 until 2016 the festival has been on tour across the world initiating a public discourse between people from different backgrounds in 35 different venues, on all continents (and, yes, that includes Antarctica)!



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