In April, our tour stopped for a whole month with various events in Helsinki, where our long-time partners at Bioart Society hosted a series of events. Due to current circumstances, all planned events were moved online, kicking off with an online panel with Markus Schmidt, neuroscientist Riitta Hari and artist Pia Tikka and moderated by moderated by Kasperi Mäki-Reinikka, discussing neurotechnology and its current and potential impact on society. Following the opening panel, a selection of nine films were made available for watching online on five April days.

The third series of events on the program was called Talking BIO·FICTION, a discussion format allowing for space and time to reflect in small groups on the films. Hosts from different backgrounds including, cinema, design, and science facilitated three sessions of three movies each.

We were honored to be covered by the biggest Finnish newspaper, Helsinki Sanomat!
For more information about the events, visit the Bioart Society website.