Film Festival

130 films submitted – 52 shortlisted – and the 5 winners are ….

A. Aufzählungszeichen Bio:Fiction Award – Fiction – € 2500 “(In)visible” by Sonja Bäumel

B. Aufzählungszeichen Bio:Fiction Award – Documentary – € 2500 “E-Chromi” by Daisy Ginsberg and James King

C. Aufzählungszeichen Bio:Fiction Award – Animation – € 2500 “Bruce” by Tom Judd

D. Aufzählungszeichen Special Award of the Jury – € 500 “Die Schneider Krankheit” by Javier Chillon

E. Aufzählungszeichen Online Audience Award – € 1000 “Who are the engineers of the future” by Christina Agapakis and Patrik Boyle

130 films from 25 countries were submitted to the Bio:Fiction synthetic biology film festival. In a first selection phase those entries were selected that fit the topic of the festival and fulfilled minimal technical requirements. Finally, 52 films were shortlisted (click here to see the list) and judged by an international jury that selected winners in 4 award categories (A-D). In addition to the jury films were voted by the public through our online contest (E).