Veranstaltungsort: The Science Exchange, 55 Exchange Place, Adelaide, SA, Australia
Termin: 23rd of June 2011, 6pm- 8pm
Veranstalter vor Ort: RiAus
Bio:fiction@Adelaide wird gezeigt im Rahmen von: RiAus Autumn 2011 program
Kurze Beschreibung des Events: In its Autumn 2011 program of events, RiAus embraces the theme of life in all its variety, complexity and wonder. The intriguing new art exhibition, LIFE 2.0, explores the possibilities and challenges of advancements in artificial creation and the rapidly developing theme of synthetic biology. To complement this, RiAus will screen highlights from the Bio:Fiction Science, Art and Film Festival.

Warum RiAus Bio:Fiction@Adelaide hosten wollte: As part of its mission to bring science to people and people to science, RiAus recognises and embraces the synergies between science and the arts and creative industries. The Bio:Fiction Science, Art and Film festival shows how boundaries between science and the arts shift and dissolve to reveal the new and unexpected. It is therefore fitting for RiAus to screen the highlights from the festival as part of its Autumn program. The festival also complements the autumn 2011 RiAus art exhibition: LIFE 2.0, which explores the potential of our synthetic biological futures.